Event Information

Drift Basic no longer runs any events. This page is kept for archive purposes only.

Drift Basic events at currently held at Darlington Dragway:

2056 E. Bobo Newsome Hwy.
Hartsville, SC 29550

Gates will open @ 10:00am
Tech inspection until 11:30am
Driver meeting @ 11:35am
Drifting starts @ 11:45am

We will have the 1/4 mile open for drag racing during our season as well.

(Drag) Driver $25
(Drift) Special Rate for Two Drivers & Two Cars $70 (bring a tandem partner, covers both drivers and cars)
(Drift) Driver $45 (single driver)
Spectator $10 spectators (12 & under free)
Ride Along Band $5 ride along band (helmet required)
Each paid driver will get one ride along band to give out
Vendor spots will be open (Contact Tommy using FB)

Payments are taken at the gate, but we are working on pre-registration system.

Track Rules, Tech Inspection, and Judging Rules:

Track rules: Drivers shall, at all times, be responsible for the conduct and behavior of those accompanying them to an event such as crew, mechanics, and friends. All safety features (helmets w/ chin straps, driver and passenger restraints) must be fastened prior to entering the staging lane and remain fastened. The speed limit in the pit area entering and leaving the race track is 5 miles per hour. All course workers, drivers, passengers, media, and any other individuals granted access on track or in any other area with a risk of injury must sign the provided waiver for admission. No standing burnouts! After one warning you will be asked to leave if track rules are broken. To prevent further track and vehicle damage, exit track immediately after a blowout. We ask that you change tires if the steel belt is showing. You are responsible for your trash. Please place trash in the receptacles placed around the track; make sure you leave nothing but rubber on the asphalt!

Technical Inspection: Front tires must be in good condition. All lug nuts and wheel studs present and in good condition, if wheel spacers are used driver must remove one nut per wheel to show proper stud length. No hubcaps, beauty rings, spinners, etc… Brake, fuel, and coolant lines must be in good condition. Brake lights must work properly. Snug front and rear wheel bearings. No loose or sloppy steering or excessive play. Factory seat belts or approved aftermarket harnesses must be in proper condition. Battery must be securely fastened w/ positive terminal covered and fully enclosed if inside cabin. No fluid leaks (oil, fuel, coolant). Radiator, overflow tank, and gas caps secured. No exposed or loose wires (use gussets and/or zipties). Seats must be securely fastened to vehicle. No loose objects in the cabin. Tech inspection form must be signed by approved tech inspector before being allowed to drift.

Judging: Judges (3) are determined prior to start of the event. All qualifiers are given one practice run and two judged runs. The judging is a 10 point system using half points based around three categories: Speed – the consistency of the rate at which the car carries upon entrance into the course and the speed that is maintained throughout the run, based on the mechanical abilities of vehicle. Race Line– closeness to the designated “clipping point” cones shown during the course walkthrough, and full use of the course area. Angle – the degree at which the vehicle carries the turns. The best score of the two judged runs will determine the drivers score to qualify. Drivers must be on the course within 10 minutes of being called or they forfeit their run. A spin (between 180-360 degrees) in either single judged or tandem runs counts as a zero for that run. A driver is allowed to hit a total of four cones, excluding clipping points,  before earning a zero for that run. During tandem runs, if one driver spins the other driver is expected to complete the run.

Qualifying: All paid drivers are able to participate in qualifying for every judged event with proper safety equipment and an approved vehicle.

Tandem: Once all qualifiers have driven, judges then determine the top eight drivers for the day and arrange them into a bracket: 1st vs. 8th, 2nd vs. 7th, 3rd vs. 6th, and 4th vs. 5th. The drivers run two runs, one leads and one follows (order is sorted out by the judges) No more than two “one more time” runs per set of drivers. Judging is based on two categories: Mirroring – the ability of the trailing car in a tandem run to copy or “up show” the movements of the lead driver. Showmanship – the ability to make an impressive run while maintaining control of an out of control vehicle while outdoing the other driver. Passing is acceptable only if you can pass the lead vehicle by holding the better race line.

Drift Basic no longer runs any events. This page is kept for archive purposes only.